Water fountains

The 2 sources that exist in the village with koytsoynares, that maintains, the water tank for the irrigation of animals and the other for the washing of clothes in the older years, with the stone engraved decoration, that they have, they cause the passerby no only him it looks at, other and drink from their cool water, to wet his person or at least his hands. By the signs that they have is informed the visitor, that the work decoration them became from the Community Melampon in August 1877 for the On Vrisi and September 1879 for the Down Vrisi. In the space her courtyard of Down Vrisi in deed it exists the age-long, very tall platanos, that lented also name in all the neighborhood and permanently it offers the richly shade and his dew. In this the simple but beautiful space that dominates without stop kelarysma of water and sync say woodnote that at hundreds comes and go in branches platanoy and the around trees is created environment, that with difficulty the visitor seceded. Here also finds also the office of local Council, that up to 1998 functioned the office of Community, up to the elevated democratic step with the sign “τις αγορεύειν βούλεται” that Vangelis Psilakis it made at the reformation of space, for the candidate local and national sovereigns, in order that they present their program in the population and they are judged.

Lower Fountain

Upper Fountain