The Churches of Melambes

The Churches that exist in and outside from the village and that is stretched out temporally by the Byzantines years up to the days us declare the big history and the deep religious sentiment of his residents. More specifically:

The church of Saint Paraskeyis

It is Temple of royal rythm of 14th century with marvellous hagiographies of 2 layers and been careful from the archaeology maintainance. In combination in deed with enormous platano, that we reported more, that him shades embracing him piously and the down tap that is found in her northern courtyard and 5 metres lower they create a total that the visitor feels the need adoration and turn on his candle in her charm, feeling separate relax, bodily simultaneously and intellectual. Of course her celebration on 26 July each year is occasion for big attendance of crowd of dance floors from the Melampes and the around villages.

The dyklitos Temple of Virgin Mary

It was built in 1835 and her walls with their big thickness they remind fortress. The extraordinary belfry and the pronaos but also all picture that resulted afterwards the important in his quality maintainance they impress with their architecture. Very old temple her and pictures cause holy awe in the pilgrim. In this the church monument on 25 March 1867 little afterwards the holocaust of Arkadioy became a historical Divine Operation with those that had camping in the Melampes brave soldiers of M. Koraka, Dim Petropoylaki and P. Koronaioy and the residents of village, in the end of which the Arist. Spanopoylos made patriotic speech for the future of Cretan revolution. Here become and today most operations of time, Christmas, Big Week, the 15 August – that it celebrates – meetings for pleasant and unpleasant makes. Here they stop the children of village playing turning in her courtyard, as if they feel that the Virgin Mary is their Big mum and wants they hang around under her look. Here they are gathered each Sunday for the hour catechistical occasion of insouciance and her charms.

The Temple of Saint 4 Witnesses

Is the cathedral Temple of village, that has been built in 1952 in salience and panoramic really place and is dedicated in the local Saint 4 Witnesses Georgio, Aggeli, Manoyil, Nikolaos, that were given birth and they lived in the Melampes testified in 1824 in the Rethymno. The architecture of Temple, his decor, and the pictures temploy his – work of big hagiograper Fotis Kontogloy – gives a separate magnificence. But sprucing up the environment of space – all that is to say planted with trees sides the 10 and more acres, that are built the Temple – easy convince also the passerby to stop it is rested by the travel and enjoys the beauty of immense horizon the Temple celebrates on 28 October day at which are become festive sequences and litany with Holy Relic of Saints in the streets of village. Then that day it follows general hospitality of pilgrims and the afternoon line it takes the Melampiani company in the village, the bender and the dance. 

The Monastery of Agios Ioannis (St. John)

The Monastery of Agios Ioannis in Voulgaris is from the 15th century. Today, only the Temple of the Baptist is preserved, and the rest of its buildings have been destroyed. The spring that is close by is cooling all year round every thirsty pilgrim.