Kantada in Melambes

Melambes is one of the villages that maintain many old traditions such as the well-known Melambiani Kantada.
The Melambiani Kantada comes to life when a group of 10-20 and more people, playing the lyre and the lute in the streets of the village with various Cretan songs. Everyone sings one  bit by bit of his “mantinada” and then everyone is repeating it all together.
All of this can be done with or without serious reasons, but of course in all the well-known holidays of the year. After the Divine Service in the Church the usual formal feast begins. The festive atmosphere and wishes are transported to the cafes where the singers will treat all attendees and accept their established wishes. In the afternoon this atmosphere will be transferred to the homes of the people. In one of these will be invited the organ players of the village who, along with the singers, will start the giggle company (kantada). The music company will soon be visiting other homes. This takes hours and many visits to other homes, giving the housewives the opportunity to offer the traditional hospitality and the members of the group to taste the real raki and wine but also to all who are in the village to enjoy a unique synchronized musical sound, really enchants and impresses.