For the dairy production, first of all, we have to strained juices from our milk with a cloth, and then we have to pasteurize it. So, we put the milk in our cauldron and heat it to 65 degrees Celsius for ten minutes (sterilization temperature).

For the whole process, we have to be sure of the temperature and to have a cooking thermometer waterproof. Continuing, we close the fire and we wait for milk cooled up to 35 degrees Celsius. Then we add our yeast dissolved in milk. We mix the milk, so the yeast goes everywhere and we wait to clot. After that, we get the cheese that is brought to the surface and we put in “madara” to drain. This is ricotta and if you salt it and put it in a shady and cool place for 3-4 weeks, it will be dry cheese.

In Melambes are prepared cheeses that have excellent quality, made with goat’s and sheep’s milk only. Using still traditional methods, goats and sheep kept on Melambes, are all free range and feed on grasses and herbs.


Produced from sheep and goat milk. It matures through the time and salt helps it harden and losing moisture. The name means flower cheese. It is suitable for spaghetti.
It is a soft fresh cheese almost without fatty, with soft and neutral taste. Used in pastry making. Served with fresh fruit and is offered as an appetizer or as dessert with honey.