Melambes Museum of Weaving Art

The weaving art museum of Melambes is hosted in a preserved, as the Archaeological Community Service characterized, building next to the big plane tree and the church of Agia Paraskevi. Concerning to the construction and organization, it is a simple but rigorous two storied building. The single spaced ground floor hosts folklore exhibits, such as last saved “ fabrica” – the village oil press and many tools and objects of previous years. In this inner place there is also a stone sculptured fountain –drinking water source.

Second floor comprises of a single part and a balcony with characteristic elements of local architecture. In past, was the community council meeting place, courtroom and more.
In this area, the visitor can experience the unique art of weaving of Melambes with rare and unique handmade pieces of wool, silk, linen as well all the tools and the raw materials for their production. The museum is chararacterized by its completeness, integrity, the well preserved exhibits and its easy access too.

Establishing goal of the museum is the preservation of cultural heritage of Melambes by register and collecting objects with the view to train and educate visitors. A small kiosk is in operation, with local products and it’s also possible a relevant video projection to inform visitors.

You can visit the museum upon request by messaging or calling : +30 698 825 73 57 – +30 693 221 45 03