The Analipsi (Ascension) chapel

The small chapel of the Analipsi(Ascension) of the Lord that overview the southern region of Melampes and the entire Messara bay was built at the initiative of Aristides Bayartakis and the financial support of many religious people even from outside Melampes. The design and supervision was by Vaggelis Psyllakis, who simply managed to give life, color and beauty to a place where the north winds and the local harsh weather conditions made it inhospitable.
This same place with this chapel now attracts you and invites you to stand in, to light your candle in the grace of Christ, to remain with yourself and God – as in any Christian chapel – and live the spiritual uplift. Understand the symbolism of the architectural elements, the icons, the iconostasis, the large dome in the small dimensions of the temple, transformed into a great divine embrace, inviting you to let go and provide you with peace, mental well-being.
But also out there you are experiencing a unique surprise and satisfaction, as if you are on a large tall balcony from which you can see all of Messara and the South Cretan Sea, which convey your thoughts and minds to a pleasant trip to the land and sea, to today and yesterday, to meet old people starring in roles and actions of different, blessed, human.
The Analipsi (Ascension) chapel at “Kylistridi” makes you say “I will come back”.