The hero’s tomb of village

It is work of a local artist Vangelis Psilakii his subject it is taken from the fights in favour the freedom and in favour the needs of life of Melampianwon, life, that in the hard ground of Melampon has – a lot of fluctuations and straits, between Stones, earth, trees, water (materials of creation), elements that the author of work chose in order to make his work. The undulate grooves of human body of hero declare the catholic fight of person that with all the existence fights always and tries, with direction to more, for the survival ma above from all the eternity. The hero’s tomb is found in the central square of village in which exist taverns, cafeterias, oven and traditional cafes, in which the visitor can enjoy tasty food and drinks with view the Psiloriti. Proportional care with local genuinely raki and wine and rich titbits finds no one and in the remainder cafes which are found in the interior of village.