The Sacred sanctuary

The sacred sanctuary  is the result of a residential  redevelopment  which  ascribed unto one of the  Four Martyrs Saints,  whose  courtyard  House  indeed, according to tradition, was  next to long-lived Prinos.

On  the upper floor you would find the main rooms of the House (kitchen etc.)  while in the lower basement   you would find  the storerooms, etc.  In this basement-according to what we know from the life of the Christians- there was  the secret  point in which there was  an icon of the  the figure of Christ , the oil lamp  lit  and , as a hidden Christian and Martyr  would pray there.This  just wants to show  the  area  that was renovated with  the  intervention  that was made by the Parish in the year 2015 and designed to bring out the torture  of the four  Martyr Saints   at the same time to express  feelings of honor, respect and love from the people of Melabes near and far , in the  tortured  faces of the Saints. 

The property belonged to George Evangelia and Mary Koutsaftakis, and then it was their wish to offer it to their heirs to the Holy Parish of Melabes , which thanks them and prays for their beloved souls to rest in peace.