Home of Saint Four Martyrs

It is a historical and church monument that gives in every pilgrim visitor an unprecedented unique image in which silently but also “eloquently”  reveals and narrates  the time and the history of Four Saints Martyrs. Saints Georgios, Aggelis, Manouil and Nikolaos were born and live in Melambes and executed by Turks at Rethymno in 1824 whereas refused to change their religion, and become Mohammedan from Christians.  

According to tradition, here it was the house of Saint George.  The buildings with the assembled  stones, the great arch, the narrow alley that passes through  the place, discreet with old objects decoration, the basil and the flowers that decorate small flower  beds together with Psiloritis horizon in landscape depth, all together and each one create a wonderful result that exudes unusual calm and rare tranquility.

A serenity that causes you spiritual uplift, fluttering your soul over the visible and brings you in bygone time, so you can imagine and meet people that lived in past in these houses of neighborhood , discuss with them old, different but great issues of the past. Visitors during their stay to the point, feel the eyes of Saints on them just like in another dimension, begging to travel from yesterday to today with a view to eternity!
Let them be help and brace for all of us.