The Village

Melabes is a village with a rich long history. God generously gave to this place unparalleled natural beauty, amazing view, and especially friendly people and created a little paradise here in South Crete.

The truth is that the geographical location and altitude of the village in conjunction with a healthy cool and dry climate is one of many natural advantages of the village, which offers a unique stay to visitors. Daily in one of the cafes enjoying a north breathtaking views of the rich perennial where olive trees, stretching from the village to the river Platy valley and up to the Psiloritis. South slopes of Vouvala Mountain is full of vineyards. From the top of which has an altitude of 1000 m., you can see throughout most of the Libyan Sea, the Paximadia islands, Gavdos and most of two provinces Ag. Vassiliou and Amari and the entire plain of Messara.

This is exactly the view and healthy environment is constantly searching and many tourists walkers come to the village and then descend on foot in Ag. Galini others not prefer to walk among the vines in rural highway and reach the top of the Vouvala Mountain to enjoy the panoramic view described above.